Memories of not so distant a past. I went to my university, to my department that is home away from home. I visited all the places we went to. The little bench near SSB, opposite to the DST, the centre for Women’s Studies which is fondly called as the old S. N. School. The footpath near the zebra crossing (near the garden where we initially planned to sit) that we sat on before deciding to sit near SSB. How indecisive we were about where to sit. Haha.

It was a little odd and melancholic to sit there… Alone… I remember when we visited centre for women’s studies, some ma’am had asked us if we needed help. Haha. Did we look lost? We were just looking around… I went there today, to find about the courses being offered and some gentleman asked me if I needed help. Déjà vu.

Memories have a way of troubling you. I know it wasn’t long ago. But it feels like another life time. Had it not been for you, I wouldn’t even know the way. I wouldn’t know the way to SSB, to the old S. N. School or some rock place (I don’t remember what it’s called) we went to. I also remember that you showed where your favourite teacher’s (Dept. Of Social Exclusion) room is located.

I spotted a chameleon (or was it a garden lizard) there, remember? Underneath the rock. And I left my footwear on the road, or did I carry them in my hand? Anyway. Then we went to ‘Tagore hostel.’ The posh one. The one for foreigners. Ok, now I am not sure if it’s called Tagore hostel. Whatever.

I miss you Areeba. I miss the classes (India in World Affairs by Rajen Harshe) we attended together. I miss the chais we had together. I miss the chats. I miss the gossip. Hope Danish and Mumbai are treating you well. I still can’t believe you are married! 🙂


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