The Enlightened one

I recently read my professor’s blog… ‘What are Words Worth’.
Well, really, what are words worth? We use ‘sorry’, ‘thank you’, ‘love you’ so often that they seem to have lost their essence. It seems as though they are said mechanically. Sometimes we utter things that magnify a minuscule problem. For instance, one might say ‘I think I have amnesia’, or ‘I am dyslexic when it comes to Math’ (when they really mean that they don’t like a particular subject) or even ‘I’m being tortured.’ Hyperbole? Not so much. Annoying? Very much so.

Do we even think before uttering such statements? Do we even know the impact words (can) have? Do we know that while words can transport us to a world of untold happiness, it can also wound, wound deeply. I have been thinking about the word torture for a long time now.

What do people mean when they say, ‘I’m being tortured’? Are they conscious of the fact that perfectly capable people like themselves are playing the helpless, hapless victims? Are they aware of the weight that simple word carries?

Another word that carries a lot of weight in terms of negativity is ‘hate‘. I have always thought hatred to be something beneath me. I couldn’t possibly dislike anyone so much as to hate them. But, then again, words. It all comes back to words. Can someone hurt you so deeply that the only way to deal with that pain would be to hate? Once the hate is gone, you know it is pain you are dealing with. Pain that comes from a place of love.

Sometimes hatred comes from a place of just hurt. For instance, say you had a friend who came home often, had coffee your mom made, and then one day, suppose, a tiff brought her home and when your mom tries sorting it out, she acts as if your mom is about to assault her. How do you react? Remember that your mom did not treat you and the friend differently.

What’s the point though? Feeling ‘hurt’ is a choice you make. You can choose to be happy irrespective of the words thrown at you. Gautama once said that he would never think of harsh words thrown at him as directed at him. When you don’t own it, when you don’t accept it, they bounce off you. He chooses not to feel angry/hurt on account of anyone.

Well, only if we all were as enlightened as the ‘Illuminated One’, we sure would be happy.

For now I shall contemplate on the word ‘forgiveness’. Does forgiveness include forgetting? Is that even possible? Once burnt, twice shy. So what happens when you forget only to be embroiled in a similar situation again? So remember, but, forgive? Is that forgiveness?

‘Forgive, not forget’ after all?


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