Missing me

Whenever I make new friends, I share a little of me with them. So when these friends cease to be friends, I can feel the gaping hole created by the little part I shared with them, the little part of me I left with them. It is by no means easy to forget. Whatever the reason for the ‘unfriending’ you cannot deny that you only became friends because you were drawn to that person. Some connection must have been felt for becoming friends. Suddenly that connection is severed and you begin to think what could be done to save it.

Thankfully, I don’t make friends easily. The risk of losing those little parts of me is next to negligent. Unfortunately, these things do happen. What do you then do? Server that connection fully and completely. There is no reason for you to hold on to the friendship or the bitterness. Life is anyway too short to hold grudges. But you cannot be foolish enough to keep giving second and third chances to people. Poisonous toad stoles do not change their spots so easily. So rest assured, you are making the right decision.

Moms are usually right. You should always treat strangers as strangers. There is no need to get chummy with someone you know won’t matter or not figure anywhere in your life. There is no need to feel guilty about looking out for yourself. After all the world works on the principle of self interest. Sometimes, leaving behind toxic people is the only way of decluttering your life. So, breaking off the friendship is absolutely right. These people are emotional leeches, ready to suck the happiness out of you. They are so dark that they will eventually start borrowing your energy, leaving you with their negativity and problems to deal with.

If you know/have such people in your life, it is time to cut some strings. You are not a saviour. You cannot help such people. They probably have psychic wounds to deal with, but you are not responsible for them or their welfare. You cannot help them. They don’t need/want to be helped. They can never (willingly or unwillingly) appreciate your help either. So, off with them! Live your life peacefully, as much for your sake, as your parents’s.


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