P.S. I Hate You

Rubbish, hatred isn’t beneath me. You deserve my hatred. And you deserve to suffer. I might not want to hate you though because any kind of emotion or feeling is an utter waste on you. If ever there was ever a person who deserved to be ill treated by not just me but the whole wide world, it is you. You have absolutely no consideration for people or their feelings.

Everyone, automatically, has to look up to you, ask for your help and not be friends with anyone else. ‘Don’t ignore me.’ Why ever not?

I hate you. I hate you and even God will forgive me for hating you. Because you don’t deserve to be forgiven. You don’t deserve to be liked by anyone. You might think you are a nice person who has just been misunderstood but look inwards, you know you are a despicable person who has never done any service to mankind. You have only hurt and pained those you claim to love.

Wait. You have no idea what love is. And if what you think is indeed love, then God, I shall never love.

I don’t want to be called human, if you are classified as one. I don’t mind being bacteria, virus, tree, plant, just not human, if you are one. I hate you and I think it’s ok. Because all you ever did was lie. Oh great liar, master destructer. I hate you. And I am sure people who know you will agree that the hatred I have for you is still less. You deserve absolute, all compassing hatred.

You deserve to be treated the way you have treated others and still it wouldn’t be enough, I hate you and everything you stand for. I hate you and hate isn’t big enough a word to even attempt to describe the deep seated abhorrence I have for you. And even that is less. Even you know it.


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