Breaking stereotypes

Yes, I am a feminist.
Yes, I believe in the institution of marriage. I want to get married.
Yes, I believe establishing egalitarian society will be beneficial.
Yes, I am modern.

No, I don’t hate men.
No, I don’t want every marital problem to be solved by divorce.
No, I don’t want a matriarchal society as opposed to patriarchal set-up.
No, I don’t drink or smoke.

Sometimes, my mind gets all cluttered.. Too many people trying to put you in a box or judging you can be taxing. I am a thinking being, so I cannot help but reflect on how people process their worlds and react to it.

While I am considered to be modern by my extended family because I talk about feminism, I am considered to be conservative amongst my set of friends because I don’t drink/smoke and to top it off, I am vegan, well, almost. So I am neither here nor there anywhere I go. Not that being considered either modern or conservative has affected my relationships, but labelling can create such problems. I go back to my previous note. I can be shy and bold. I can be this and that. I can love stability and yet desire freedom.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s is a favourite precisely due to that reason. The novella explores layered emotions through the character of Holly Golightly. Her character is real because she is a bundle of contradictions. Like me.

I am a bundle of contradictions. I am awkwardly inconsistent. And yet, the different sides of me are as real as it can get. The ‘I’ is very flexible. We live in a post modern world. We live in a world of multiple realities and the ‘I’ cannot escape it either.


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