Blessed to be sick

Hyderabad is suffering from an unusual psychotic illness that has made the usually agreeable October weather oscillate between heat and rain. The result of trying to keep up with the weather is flu and sore throat.
I have been sick for long now. Yesterday, my doctor asked me to have energy drinks on account of low BP (sheesh) and acute sore throat is killing me. Not to mention the ear pain because of the throat pain and headache and flu. I hate this.

Ok, so now that I have vented all I want. Let’s get to the essentials. One, I feel incredibly blessed. I was in my university the other day, when I felt really sick. One of my friends happened to be there. God bless him. He accompanied me to the Health centre, got me my tablets and tea. When it started to rain, he went to his room to get me an umbrella. By the time he came back, I fell asleep on a bench in the homely canteen. He got me warm milk and was there with me till I got on the bus.

In February I was in the same university to give my PhD entrance and I was a little sick. Another friend of mine who was already enrolled into the PhD program got me Minute Maid and waited for me outside the examination hall for about two hours. He got me lunch and made sure I was ok.

Another friend of mine chose to go with me to the university, which is so far away from the city, even though she knew she would have to walk like crazy. She carried my bag for a bit when it became too heavy for me. Another friend of mine ( who is a doctor) is always a call away. She is my family (and extended family and friends’) doctor. If anyone within my circle is sick and needs urgent medication, she is there. No matter the time or day. She is there for me. And for so many other friends and relatives of mine.

Once my mother made it a point to call me at work and ask how I was doing because she knew I was having a crisis of sorts at my work place. My brother makes it a point to wait at the bus stop till I board the bus. Concern and so much of it.

A stranger remarked once, why would any of your friends be interested in your mundane going-ons of life. Well they are, they simply are. I know I am. I would love to know what my friends think about something, how they approach life etc.. So I never questioned why they like doing it as well. I love the fact that they care. I cannot be and don’t want to be so simple minded as to think it is just voyeuristic curiosity that drives them. I will not question their motives. I will believe it is love that drives them.

There is a dearth of people who care. Care enough to place somebody else’s concerns above their own. And I am not going to lose out on those people by questioning their intentions. I am sick enough to want to strangle someone (pun unintended :-P), but in this moment of clarity (epiphany, if you will) , I think it’s worth being sick. Or in trouble. *wink wink*


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