Sitapathi- I have no empathy or sympathy

So. Festival of Lights. Victory over darkness. Good over evil. All that jazz. Not to bring on the ire prematurely, but what exactly are we celebrating here? Why are we celebrating this day? Yes, homecoming of RamaSita, only to be separated for the rest of their lives? What kind of a homecoming is that? And society is responsible for a happy couple to separate. At least, had they behaved like responsible, mature adults, discussed their individual journeys and said ‘let’s part because we have grown apart’ or ‘let’s part because we have fallen out of love’ or ‘let’s part because our journeys have led us to two very different pages’. I would have been okay with it. But to part ways and happily blame the society only to have a golden statue made that resembles your wife and crying over her absence is one drama I would not want to witness. Ever.

Had Lord Rama left his wife because he had a problem, I would have understood. But to leave because of a third party accusation is beyond disgusting. I know I know, Ram was just another guy, but I still wish Ram had chosen a better way of displaying his ‘I am just a guy, not a God’ angst.

So how would Ram feel if Sita said, ‘look, my dear husband. I do love you. Of course I do. But you will have to take the Agni pariksha. The whole camp is talking about how Sukanya (I renamed Surpanaka to make her name sound better. Surpanaka? Really? Sheesh) had her eyes on you. How do I know you were faithful to me?’

Now that. I would have really liked that.

I am a mere mortal. I don’t know how God(ly) monarchs operate. But had Ram kicked that washerman’s butt and said, ‘I love my wife. I would really appreciate it if you kept your opinions to yourself’ or gave a kingly speech to encourage people to choose their own paths and not let the stupid, good for nothing except cause trouble society dictate terms to you. That I would have liked a hell lot. But the world doesn’t dance to my tunes and cater to my whims.

So I will celebrate Diwali. This is a chance for my friends and relatives to have their own homecoming. Not to mention, Ram does conquer darkness. And here I think of Ravana as personification of darkness within. So ‘the last enemy that shall be destroyed is death’. The death of your shadow self. The darkness within. That darkness that kills hope and faith in yourself.

Ram’s life is a lesson for us all. Do not blame the society if you let it dictate terms to you. Take responsibility for your actions. You want to kiss, love, study, commit suicide, do it on your own time with full awareness that you are doing it to yourself, for yourself. No bloody person is forcing you to do so. The last enemy that shall be destroyed is darkness within oneself.


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