Mills & Boon

Wedlock. Why ever do they call it a lock?
It could be a key. Wedkey. Why not a key?
Ok I am being obtuse, but why is it a lock?
You know those hot mills and boon dudes? They are hot, aren’t they? And the whole ‘he only reveals his emotions to me through the softening of his eyes and no one else’ is quite romantic. I have my reasons to like M&B fellows. Imagine when you find your M&B guy, it will probably be dreamy. So I spoke to my friends about what it is that makes M&B heroes so desirable, and I agree with almost everything they said.
1. The typical M&B quality of the heroes is that they are comfortable only with the heroine. No one else. So, she is his best friend. He can and does share everything with her. Nothing better than being best friends.
2. He is a closed book to most people. But the girl can read him like a book because he lets his guard down when he is with her. And only with her. Sounds like sweet music.
3. You know he is real. His hurt, pain, and the baggage he comes with. That baggage is not romanticised, really. It just makes him more real.
4. He is selective about who he spends time with. Way to feel valued, yo.
5. You know he isn’t the confused type who cannot decide if he wants to do something as simple as read a book today, tomorrow or not read it at all. He is decisive. He knows what he wants and goes after it. Thankfully he isn’t a stalker in any of the books. He won’t leave you hanging. He has clarity as to what he wants and that makes him so much more desirable.That’s where you will hear Shania Twain singing
‘I need a man who knows
How the story goes’
6. He isn’t a lame ass excuse giver.
7. He is genuine, and so are his feelings and love (except that he is a fictional character).
8. He doesn’t make you jealous. He doesn’t make a show of your relationship to make other girls jealous either. That’s twisted, there is something wrong with you mister. It will just be him and the girl and what is.
9. The whole eye to eye communication. That is so dreamy, la la la la.
10. He is the real stuff. And he is about honesty. Basically he is intense. Intense is good.
11. He can intuitively guess what you are getting at because of all the thinking he does when silent.
12. He likes peace. He is non threatening because his arguments are almost always logical and rational. No volatile temper for him. He is a man, yo.
13. He is mature and wise. He isn’t a best friend from the beginning of the story but he becomes one along the way. The heroine can go on about every mundane bit of her life and he would still find it interesting, because hey, he loves her (only, he doesn’t know it yet).
14. He is her pillar of support. The first person she thinks of when she lands in problems, because you know, he will be there for her.
‘I’ll be there for you
When the rain starts to pour’.
15. He knows her value. He knows who he wants. The heroine. Only her. No juggling acts. No Nonsense fellows. No confusion.
16. He doesn’t manipulate her. He lets her be. But when it comes to fighting for his love, he ups all his ante.
17. He doesn’t need to shout to prove his ‘masculinity’. The angrier they are, the colder and quieter they become. Oooh. There is something about contained anger. Primal and intense. But then making up is always fun in those books. Wink wink.
18. The reason he is the quiet type is because he is the resident in-depth thinker.
19. Once he decides on who he wants, there is no going back. Absolutely loyal is what he is.
20. Those heroes don’t mind when the girl is complicated. And the girls in those novels usually are complicated. They are not easy. They love a challenge too. Or maybe it’s just the books I read?
Any who. So I have a hundred and ten reasons why I love reading those books. But I don’t relish the whole damsel in distress routine. The stereotypical green/blue eyed hottie. Asian alert. Brown is good. Not Chris. He sucks. Woman abuser.
But to read them for fun, which is Difficult for me considering how those characters are fit into certain frames, but, they do make for a fun read. All those books are pretty much the same, and yet, I like them even while I dislike them.
Oh and I pretty much ignored that they are players first. For the purpose of writing what makes them desirable, I had to ignore that. But to be fair, once they are married, they don’t cheat.


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