Dear You at 30

Hello dear you at 30,

It’s the 25th of December. It’s Christmas. So happy Christmas to you. In 6 years you will be 30. 6 long years or maybe when you are 30, you will be thinking, jeez, those were a really short 6 years.
So. Here we are. I hope you are alive to see yourself turning 30 and done with your doctoral research, hopefully, working and earning well. Maybe, married too? Of course, you will be married. I hope you love your husband, job and the way your life is. I hope it’s everything you ever hoped for. And even if it isn’t, it’s still your life and you will love it. I hope you have published those books that you have wanted to forever now.
I hope you have grown wise. I hope you do not have greys already, but even if you do, I hope you don’t colour them. It’s ok to have a little grey in all that black, but for your sake, I am hoping you have got nanna’s genes, at least in this matter. I hope amma, Nanna, and Anna are all doing ok. I hope Nanna is enjoying his retirement and both amma and Nanna are spending as much time as they can doing things they love. I hope they are relieved of all their tensions and that Anna has children for them to play with. I hope Keerthu is doing what she loves too. I hope that Akshara, Chunnu, and Rishika have enrolled into good schools.
I hope Maddy has either finished or enrolled herself into graduation program in Germany. Seema, Divya, and Sowju must be married by now too. Hope they are all doing good. I hope Ananya is on the Indian cricket team doing what she loves most. And Aditya, I hope you have found your girl and also started on your post-doc maybe?
So many hopes for all of us. And I hope, God, you are sending these for all of us. Because you are my Santa. And you gotta give us some gifts.
Love and lots of it
To all of us

Don’t forget to reblog this when you turn 30 and your reply to this. Yay.


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