New year

Yay. 2015 people. 2015. Oh how I want to shout out from the rooftops. A new year, weeeeeeeeeeeeeh. So first up, happy new year everybody.
New year. Pure awesomeness. Goodbye 2014. You are gone and I would just love to dance. I don’t believe in resolutions because I might/will break them. Call me a wimp, but I hate not doing things that I love. So yes, I am going to continue to wake up not very early. I am going to continue to talk to only those people I really love. I am going to continue to go those places I am used to. No new people or places for me for the time being.
Life is wondrous and I want that to continue. But there are some things I would luuuurv to do.
1. I have to make my mom like lizards. Lizards are cute. Anyone who thinks otherwise, look at the beauty with which they crawl around. Some lizards have webbed feet and those cute skin flaps. Their eyes are cute too. Please don’t compare them to mustard seeds though. Ew.
2. I want a mini zoo. Ok, what I mean by that is a piglet, a calf, pup, kitten, owlet, turtle, fish. My mom would never ever agree to this. So maybe, 2017, that’s when I am so going to move out of the house. I just have to have them as pets.
3. I want to live near the woods. Yes. For a little while.
4. I want a tree house. Have you seen one? And you have never left like living in one? Liar liar.
5. Please God, please get that book published, you know I love you. I will give you chocolate if you get it published. Thanks!
6. Dear God, you know what I want apart from the above. Get me get me get me. Pliss. I will give you dairy milk silk. And since you can’t really eat it, I will do the honours for you. See how much I love you?
7. I will share chocolates with friends. As difficult as that is going to be. Sometimes only.
8. I am going to make more cheesecakes and give it to those that have been asking for the last one year. There. I am going to do this. Also, cupcakes.
9. I am so going to some faren place. Pliss. Let that happen. God bless me so I can.
10. Buy those books I have been meaning to buy for so long.
11. Since its been a tradition, rescue one person from themselves and then get embroiled in their shit. NOT!
12. I am going to be that mean bitch who doesn’t give a shit about anybody. Uh no. Cannot. Will not. Just because some people are absolute assholes doesn’t mean everyone else is. There are always people who need love. Grumpy people, especially, all they need to know is that they are appreciated.
13. Call me weird but you can talk to cats and trees. It’s therapeutic, ok? So go talk. If people think you are crazy. Phaw. Who cares? Do your thing.
14. I am going to this karaoke place and sing horribly. For fun. And then give speech like Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana. No twerking though. Ewu. Ok plan cancel. Ewu.
15. Go back to kuchipidi classes? Umm. Or light music? Umm.. Thinking.. Still thinking. Come back next year?
16. Travel without ticket. Why ever not?
17. Learn esoteric healing. Yes. Then go all quirky on people and tell them Angels are here to assist you through healing. I am not making fun of it.
I am. I am not. Hahaha.
18. Keep quiet for fifteen minutes everyday. *insert any emoticon that can even remotely describe my acute terror at actually doing it*
19. Learn to have a straight face. What’s going on in my head is on my face syndrome has gone on for far too long. That needs to be cured.
20. Treat strangers as strangers, stay away from new people, stop taking guilt trips, and blaming myself, and thinking I am centre of everyone’s universe except mine. Does that sound as weird as it sounds in my head?


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