Secular family

So what I like best about my family is underneath all the orthodoxy and conservatism is the Secularism that makes India strong. I am so very happy that the new year has brought in amazing news. My first cousin is getting married to a British Christian. Yay.

So joining the new members of our family of various castes, Muslims, and Punjabis, now joins a Christian of a different race, and country. Ok, I am so happy that my happiness knows no limits. Ambedkar suggested that the only way to abolish caste system would be to encourage inter caste marriages, similarly, the only way to encourage love and tolerance is to make the hypothetical other a part of one’s family.

I love Christian weddings, I keep telling my mom that I would love to have a Christian wedding. They are oh so romantic. And there’s a Spanish guy I met who thinks Hindu weddings are romantic. Apparently the band, baja, baraat is cool. So I told him, hey, South Indian telugu weddings are very boring. The ones you are talking about are North Indian weddings and even I view them as more fun than the boring telugu weddings. Coming back to Christian weddings, the White gown (although I am not very hung up on white means virginal purity and a whole lot of similar crap) and the tuxedoed man/ women is just so beautiful. Sun set Christian weddings would be breathtaking. Even beach weddings. I think I would love a sunset beach wedding. I can just see the whole thing.

So, to Sarah, the newest favouritest member of the family, welcome. I hope you find that our family is accommodating and not very bothersome. Our family is beeeeeeg. But we also have beeeeg hearts. Some might take a little thawing but you will find that most of us are very happy at the prospect of meeting you and getting to know you. To Sarah, welcome and a whole lot of love to you.


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