I feel like a guy

I am a girl. I am not girly (whatever it means). But you know how some girls are extremely girly? I feel distinctly like a man in their company. I told my mother about this girl from school who would make me a feel like a guy. It was not something she did intentionally. It was just the way she carried herself. She was ever so graceful with these two curly pigtails. She didn’t walk, no. She would glide/float. She would get the down the stairs with so much dignity.

Me? I am not really bothered about grace unless I am in stilettos. And that’s mostly because I don’t want to fall down. Not that I am very successful. I keep falling down with no mistake of mine. I swear. The surfaces. Damn those surfaces. So when I am in high heels I am more than careful. I am cautious. So in wedges and other high heeled shoes I am graceful. Well, I would like to think I am. And once, even with all my caution, I fell down. So you see? Now that girl, even in school shoes she would glide.

Sometimes, tiny, petite, frail girls make me feel like a guy. It’s just the way they are. They almost shout for protection without a word. I don’t know if it’s their body language or what but they make me feel like I should be more girly (whatever that entails). But seriously, I love being the way I am. I am not overtly concerned about how I walk or dress. I don’t mean to say the girly girls do (insert the tongue out (?) emoticon). But there are times when you do wonder how it would be to be so feminine that you flow, glide, sit pretty, walk pretty.


2 thoughts on “I feel like a guy

  1. Funny but the messages I kept getting in my childhood and adolescence and well into my adult years were that I wasn’t feminine enough! They gave me a label too…It’s been okay with me( not being girly(whatever that means 😉 ) for a long time now.Have yet to meet one who is girly girly or perhaps I don’t care to remember anymore 🙂 Speaking of wedges- wondering what to do with mine (2 pairs) now that I have knee pain and Vit D deficiency… 😛

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