Waves rustling silk

Blue, with a hint of green.

Sun, a million stars,

Sparkling diamonds scattered on blue.

Warmth of the sun, Soothing water.

Colours, tints, and hues,

Breeze, a happy note,

Bright with efflorescence.

Shells, the number of thoughts,

Aura, a rainbow.

Moist barks, leaves and flowers,

Every shade a gem.

Various colours, dominant only a few,

Subtler tones, a secret.

Meaning of life,


This was written after a very memorable conversation I had with a friend about my dream home. Home. That is my ideal home. I could feel the openness and the wilderness of nature. And a happier experience there never was. I would have uploaded the sketches I made along with this. But not now. One day, when I would have owned such a place. That day. 


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