Learning to drive

So this isn’t my first time at car driving. Wait. It isn’t my first time at learning to drive. The last time I did was at this local school and the trainer sucked big time. He was no good. Or maybe I wasn’t a good student. This time though, it is maruthi school. Now if they can’t teach me to drive, no one can. The simulator was amazing. It was like playing a video game. I loved the turnings. And now that I am driving on road. Boy, do I love those turns. 

I love speed. It is so damn cool to be able to drive past blurring objects without a care. I love going to the fourth gear (my trainer doesn’t let me loose on the road, unfortunately) as soon I am in the car. And I love that necklace road stretch. With no one on the road in the afternoons, I can go as fast a I want to. My trainer, though. He keeps reminding me to check my blind spots and blah blah, obviously that’s what good trainers do. But I guess I know where he is coming from. You need the car to be in your control, as my instructor is fond of telling me as soon I let my hair down. 

I can’t wait to drive my own car. Without anyone watching over me like a hawk. It’s a wonder I didn’t try learning earlier (ok, fine, second time). I don’t like the extra pair of clutch and break that these training cars have, I mean, I feel cheated. How do I know if I am even learning properly? I hate the “hold on to the clutch at breaking point”. I feel even more annoyed when the car plays a song that has just way too many memories attached to it and just press down on the break and the car stops. Anyway, I will practice as much I can, of course. And then, baby, I am going off where I can enjoy driving at a speed I love, without worrying about, well, traffic. 

Also, I won’t be committing the same mistake I did the last time around. I didn’t practice at all. I didn’t drive at all. And I didn’t have to. I was driven around. Not this time. This time. I am hitting the roads, baby. 


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