My Dear You 2

My Dear You,

I figured out something today. Well, over the course of sometime, actually. I am so excited to tell you this. You know I am just a big kid. I am still learning and all. But this dawning is just amazing. For the first time in life, I can actually say, I am strong. Oh yeah, I have my share of insecurities. But I am strong. You know why? I have figured out, at long last, that it’s only when everything crumbles that we finally learn to stand tall and strong. You are born once and you practice living. So yeah, you go wrong, you do right. Sometimes, you just don’t do anything. 

Sometimes, it’s good for bad things to happen. How else would you know you can leave every thing behind and move on?  How else would you know that you are strong enough to withstand every crappy thing life throws at you? Learning to survive is important, no? To know that there is this core of you that is so solid that no one can dilute it. Bad things don’t happen in my life enough. So I never know how I will battle it out. But I know I am strong. When you are spiritually strong, your core is always at peace. And you learn to live all emotions fully. Whatever it is. What’s the point of putting a stopper to sadness, if you know it will come back again tomorrow? Instead just feel as sad as you want to, today. At some point you will tire of feeling sad and you will be happy. But if that doesn’t happen, please reach out for help. 

Yay. Ok. God! I was dying to tell this. You know how I am when I am excited to tell you things (insert a huge grin). 

Till next time,



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