Dear Arnab

Dear benevolent person who banned the documentary, 

Thank you for banning this documentary. Obviously, you are a very nation loving Indian. Why would we want to shame India in front of the whole international community, right? We need to protect India from slander. As long as issues are hushed up, it’s ok. As long as things happen behind closed doors, it’s ok. Why bring it out into the open? Why interview the rapist? Why give him a platform. You are right. Why should we know if he thought and continues to think it was all the person’s fault? Why should we know that the rapist, his lawyers, his relatives and well, a good percentage of our Indian population embrace the idea of victim blaming? Why should we know that our sickening cultural set up has resulted in violation of a person? Why should we be brought face to face with the fact that we have failed as a society, and as a country? We are a failed state. 

I don’t feel safe. No one feels safe. Well, maybe cows do. But that’s not the point. The point is we are a failed state. We are a society that loves words like mangina, feminazi. I mean really, women should just realise that their role in the society is to be violated and dominated. We will revert to our traditional roles in society with girls at home and guys earning. Oh wait, but that’s not what you want. You want women to earn as well because God knows running a family isn’t easy anymore without an extra income. Yeah, girls can work, oh thank you so much master, for allowing us to work. But we will remember it is our fault if we are raped or molested. Oh sorry master, I forgot it’s ok to be molested, just not raped. 

Dear Arnab,

You are such a good journalist who gives every expert invited for discussion, a chance to express views. Given the kind of snubbing and bullying that experts face now a days, you are like a breath of fresh air. You are not voyeuristic at all. The only reason you or your channel went on and on, in all its gory detail, as to how Nirbhaya was raped (raped by whom, oh come on, why should you know who raped her) was because people had a right to know. But this documentary film maker, a victim of rape herself, how dare she make people face the fact that girls don’t get raped all by themselves. How dare she talk about the rapist? How dare she even mention the rapist? How dare she think people have a right to know the kind of savages that exist in our country? Seriously, this is all just a conspiracy because people are jealous of India’s progress. 

Dear all and sundry, 

Are you telling me that you don’t read rape stories because you think it’s voyeuristic? If you don’t, well, upto you really. But if you do, then please stop complaining about the documentary. Just shut the fuck up about how the family would feel. Did you think about how the family would feel when you were busy watching the news (that day or any day) to know if it was a coconut bottle or an iron rod that was inserted in her vagina? And I don’t need to be her family to feel the pain, or horror at reading this ‘maggot-infested-hybrid-poop’s‘ thoughts and opinions (as misinformed as they are). Are you telling me that people don’t think like this rapist here? Are you telling me that we, as a society are not guilty of perpetuating such attitudes? We are guilty. Let’s face it, we deserve to be shamed. We are to blame, not the victim. We are a failed state.


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