My chitti fellow

So I have this adorable niece, her name is Rishika. She is this little (chitti) fellow with cute little palms and fingers and toes and eyes, and well, you know where this is going, right? She tasted salt biscuits quite by accident. You see, in our culture, there is this official ceremony called ‘Anna prasana’ that kind of breaks children into rice eating. Before that happens, children are not fed anything, well, just the breast milk. She was, apparently, quite excited about the salt.

If there was any person who could be happiness (personified), it would be her. She is such a cutie. I could hug her forever. My little teddy bear rasgulla fellow. I love her. If I ever have children, I wouldn’t mind a daughter like her, I think. Ok, I am off to spend the night with my little one. Because she is my cherub. Ok. I can go on and on about her. When she feels shy, when she has these cutie hiccups, when she laughs, all I want to do is hug her tight. She is but a baby, so I can’t really do that. But my god. My little one, here I come. Mwaaah. Loads of those Rikashikakaka. Mwaaaaah.


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