There is just so much clutter in the mind right now. I keep wondering why things happen to people. Things that strain every part of my being. I guess I have this tendency to obsess over the minute details. Details of the past. There are loops. And loops so formed are so difficult to get out of. And then when thoughts turn to dum du dum, death. 

Oh the sweet embrace of the mother 

I came from

The void.

And there I want

To return 

To the peace.

Of living embers

heated exchanges

And vexations.

They have had my fill

I hope

To dream of no tomorrow.

Of miles that have been covered

On ground

In the planes.

Baggage, old and new

Drooping eyes

Now I want black. 

To friends and foes

Forgiveness and forgiving

Now the blessed oblivion.


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