My Jilli Jigri Jaans– Seema, Divya, and Sowju, my Himayatnagar/school gang– Maddy, Abhi, Swap, Sidduga, Nike, and Vivek, my UoH bestie– AD, my Francis-UoH bestie– Areebeen/Abbie/Debbie, my EFLU gang– Sahi and Sravyamma, I love you guys. You people are amazing, and I don’t know what I would have done without you.

JJJ– all the pranks we played, all the fights– loads of kisses to you. Mwaaaah!

HG– Ah, but I never had so much fun in Malakpet man! Love you guys. Mwah!

Debbie, you are good with handling my fears. Thanks! Mwah mwah.

EFLU gang– Sahitya and Sravyaaaaa, you girls are amazing. I don’t remember enjoying so much either in school or Francis. But that one year was rockstar year. Mwah.


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