Endings or beginnings

Every book has an ending

Every song has a last note

We’re just pretending that 

You never gotta go

Tonight by The Sota Boys
See, I have a feeling that the last two years of my life have been the most meaningful in the way it taught me. They were full of beginnings and endings. Some things have to end, for others to begin. And even those beginnings will end. Because everything ends in the end. Haha.

These two years taught me that I am perfect. I am the perfect version of me and what I need and want to do is to retain the perfection. No matter what external forces are like, remain you. This is true for everybody. One of my best friends Abhi once told me, “take a decision and don’t let anyone affect that decision.” I did not heed that advice. But I told myself, I believe in second chances. Not everyone deserves one though, as I learnt later.

But the thing is, I wasn’t ready to be judgmental. I paid very dearly for not being judgemental but what I learnt from that experience is even if I let someone else influence my decision (not recommended at all), I don’t let them influence the things that make me, me. Decisions are temporary. Their implications ranging from immediate to long term, but why let anyone or anything affect who you are. Nobody can be you like you. 

People might call me innocent, at best, and fool, at worse. But I remained true to myself. That is what I am talking about. Remaining true to yourself is incredibly important. Don’t let the environment affect who you are. You affect the environment. 

So to endings and beginnings.


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