Women can be monsters too

Surprised by the title? 

Yes, women can be monsters too. I just watched Drushyam and I have heard real life stories of women to know for a fact that women can be monsters. Women who are mothers and wives, especially, go to any length, to not just sit silent when their men do wrong, but also, nauseously, support such men.

I am not saying all women are like that. No generalising. Just as there is no generalising that all men are… (fill in the blanks). Some women, especially those blinded by love can ignore every cruel, violent, cheating mentality of their sons and husbands and support them.

The pity, here, is the third party (if there is one) suffers because these women have the nerve to support their men, far from correcting their behaviour. I think one should be extremely careful to separate one’s love and loyalty to the men involved and one’s loyalty to general humanity. Why should anyone else suffer? But, I guess, those men are so good at telling lies, and creating tales of self-victimisation that they have no choice but to believe them. 

And I find it hilarious that some men actually believe they can have women fight over them. Be it mothers-in-law and daughters-in-law or two timing or being in an open relationship and trying to get two women to fight over them.

To women,

Do us all a favour and try supporting your own gender. Even if you can’t, at least try not supporting such men. It’s disgusting and shows weakness in character. Just like the IG in Drushyam who knows what kind of a son they (parents) raised and still gets the family beaten up. 
And not to forget, some women routinely engage in beating their children. Perhaps it is the only position that grants them power and they act on it, unapologetically. Anyway, so yeah, women can be monsters too. And no one can really blame them. Women are humans too, remember? 

I am a feminist, but feminism never meant glorification of women. We must remember, even if we are granted power in such situations, it is still a power that is allowed to us, by and within patriarchy. Feminism does not and never meant ignoring the mistakes we (women) are capable of. Feminism is the radical idea that though men and women are equal (across castes, creeds, races) and yes, capable of monstrosities too, but also, that we as people (not as men and women and transgender) can rise above oppressions (of castes, creeds, races) and be loyal to humanity. Loyal to goodness within us. 


4 thoughts on “Women can be monsters too

  1. There is a video on WhatsApp that shows a woman who goes on slapping an infant she’s holding – I just couldn’t believe such a thing was possible. Am not sure if she is the mother of the child – not likely but considering other horror stories I’ve read, it might be the case.
    Anyway, so I agree with the sad fact that women can be monsters too. Look at dowry cases, shocking child abuse cases, persecution of widows/underprivileged people – there is enough evidence to prove that sometimes women don’t just play a supporting role they can also be instigators and perpetrators of the crime.
    I don’t know if it’s frustration at having been ill treated at some point, the need to wield power, fear of being persecuted themselves or just pure evil. But if women refrain from such behavior and as you suggest, support their ilk, the world would definitely be a better place.

    1. Dear Vibha,
      Thank you so much for your comment. I haven’t seen the video yet.
      Please do watch Drushyam, if you can. It’s a wonderful movie.
      Also, I think the most important thing to remember is even if women do get power by such acts, it’s always power within patriarchy.

  2. That was really a straightforward consistent post
    The brutal nature does not verify the gender, when it looks for place to live. Men and women both can be brutal, cruel, inhuman. It’s just that in majority of the cases victim is women, and majorly the type of crime that are prevalent in society are done with women, like rape, domestic violence, or dowry. You must have never heard abot a husband being burned to ashes due to dowry.

    But whatever is the case, if it is women, or men who is doing the crime, what surprises me , or i just can’t even imagine what would be his state of mind at that time.

    1. Thank you for taking your time out to read the post and commenting Nimi.
      One can only guess at what goes on in their minds.
      This is more a wake up call for women to unite and not participate in power plays that seemingly offer you power, because power within patriarchy, is no power at all.

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