Pssss… Can you keep this Secret?

You know when something becomes a secret? When it is revealed/confessed/told to someone. But then, it’s not secret anymore. That’s how oxymorons are created. 

Now, some wise woman/man did say that if you can’t keep a secret, how can anyone else? Isn’t that just a little preposterous? If you can’t keep your own secret, why would you expect someone else to? 

You confide your secrets in someone and then you feel staggered when they reveal it to someone else. Clearly, you couldn’t keep it in, and so they couldn’t either. There is no such thing as a secret if the secret keeper reveals it to someone else. It got the Potters dead, remember? 

I love the title track of Pretty Little Liars. 

“Coz two can keep a secret, 

if one 

of them is dead.”

So no, you can’t share secrets. Even with your husband/mother/father/brother. Or best friend. Why is it that way? Power, power structures, and politics don’t just cease to exist because you are family or best buds. We just don’t think of it that way, but power is constantly negotiated and renegotiated. Familial politics, how much ever scorned upon or ignored, exist. And you just need to accept it. Peer politics, of course exists, and I am pretty sure almost everyone will agree with me. Office politics, don’t even go there. National politics, oh well, enough satire hasn’t been written on it. 


2 thoughts on “Pssss… Can you keep this Secret?

  1. I generally don’t blog jump, but today is one of those days … A blogger from Hyderabad? I had to stop by…
    Now one thing that made my mood pleasant (was in such awful mood, like i could hit someone real hard!!) was that quote of PLL. And yep, you’ve got a point and put across really well. We all want to have secrets, want to share with someone because we can’t hold it in; it leads to too much of stress and indigestion (lol..) so we share. And now we expect the other one to do that for us…. hehehe we all are such hypocrites!!

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