My Dear You 3 

Technically it’s the 4th. 

Hey you,

How are you? I just figured that since it’s a been a while, I will write to you again. I am done with my first year. I have no idea how that happened. The PhD takes care of itself, I suppose. This summer was horrible. Thank the AC (that needs a year’s rest now) for our survival. I am hoping it’s over and done now. The summer, I mean. I don’t think anyone wants anymore of it. 

It’s been raining and I miss the university. You cannot deny how beautiful it is this time of the year. 2015 has been such a great year, I guess after the shitty start of the previous year, anything might look awesome in comparison. I cannot wait for the next academic year, but I am loving my holidays too much to hope that reopening happens soon. My cousins are here. Yaay. I have a busy schedule this week. I might not be able to post again soon, but I will try. I like this commitment of writing at least once a week. And I have never missed once, don’t want to start now either. You take care of yourself. And be happy. 

Till next time,



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