Jurassic world 

I love all things dinosaurs. Palaeontology is not my cup of tea, I don’t play with dino dolls, but I am fond of dinos (*singgers at a private joke*). Anyway, so I went to watch Jurassic World, and I must say I was disappointed. No one dies, when I say no one, I mean those that matter. Neither the kids, nor the characters that really matter. Nobody loses a limb or an eye. Seriously? You have a genetically modified, raptor type, scary looking white Indominius Rex and people who matter in the movie don’t die?

The funniest scene has to be Irfan Khan’s death. Who in the name of Lord flies into a predator zone? That too when they are fully aware that they can’t fly for their life, literally. Such an abrupt ending for a character that showed no promise. What a tragedy, eh?  The joke here is Imran Khan must have shared his inputs which is why this movie has a Bollywood ending. Everyone’s safe and happy in the end. 

They were inspired by Godzilla, of course, and has two monsters fighting one another. Good stroke was to have the raptor help the old Rex (safe in its sanctuary, kept in isolation) fight off the new white one (which can also camouflage itself. So it keeps changing colours and direction, according to its thermal alerts). 

My favorites are all Owen’s scenes. The one where he trains the raptors, where he rescues a dimwit who falls into the training area, the one where he asks the aforementioned rescued person why he never bothered to think as to why there was an opening in the first place. Also, where he goes off hunting with the raptors on his bike. What a bad-ass! God! The guy is so good looking. And then there’s Claire. I have no freaking idea as to how she went about escaping the Rex in her 6 inch stilettos. Anyway, this is a classic Hollywood but Bollywood movie, if there ever was one. At least they didn’t have the parents rethinking their impending divorce. And I, sort of, am unhappy that we don’t have the kind of cool technology they use for travelling in the movie. 

Go watch the movie, it’s worth one watch. Just for the heck of it. No 3d, waste of money. The movie was shot not in the 3d format. So the movie won’t be projected on to the entire screen. It is like watching on a home theatre. So wait for it to be screened on TV,which won’t take that long anyway. 


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