Students and little miracles 

It’s only when I write these blog posts, do I realise how very thankful I should be, for my life is full of little miracles. A question, rhetorical for me, something to ponder on for you, would you want your life to have one single, beeeeg, huge miracle, one that shines and stands out only as a miracle could, or to be filled with these tiny miracles that make the daily hum drum of life exciting and in some instances, bearable? 

I had a student come over to my place. She told me what she liked best about my teaching and shared her future plans. I have had one student write letters to me. One, who gifted me a Maya Angelou’s book she spotted in Dubai airport. One who never fails to update me about her achievements. Some, who share articles they think I might like. I don’t teach them anymore, they don’t have to do it. But the fact that they choose to do it is a miracle for me. I don’t know if I touched their lives, but they have mine. 

I know that all of us have someone or the other who believes in us and values our opinions, these people help bring light into our life, especially when we are at our lowest. It’s been a year since I left that college. And yet, they seem to be remember me. That’s the greatest compliment for a teacher, to be thought of as someone who can honestly appreciate your success and maybe, also, contributed a little to it. 


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