Going organic, thanks to Dawasaz

The best thing about summer? Summer vacation (huge grin). Anyway, so this summer I decided that I would go all organic. I went to Dawasaz and bought a lot of oils. And with that I decided I would also buy Khadi shampoo. You know when you are all excited to buy this awesome 100% organic shampoo and then you read the ingredients list only to see 400gms of S. L. E. S.. Now, this is Khadi Satritha, the online version of which didn’t mention S. L. E. S.. I am a little disappointed. I so wanted to go organic, but it is so difficult to find awesome, delicious smelling shampoos and conditioners. 

Also, what I find very hard to give up? Palmolive and Nivea shower gels. The lavender, ylang ylang, and Acai Berry from the  respective brands make me swoon and I don’t know how to give them up. And seeing as how even Khadi is not organic even though they claim to be organic a full cent percent, I am sort of giving up on completely organic. Maybe, a three fourth organic.

But the good news, thanks to Dawasaz ( which is a boon), is, I bought soap nut (kunkudkai) and methi powder to wash my hair. I swear the more I worry about my hair, the more I lose those strands. Aargh. So at least in that department, I am all organic. Yaay.

To team Khadi,

Please stop using S. L. E. S.. We want to buy products without worrying about silicones and parabens. 


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