My grandmother

Like a baby

She looked

Cocooned in a cotton sheet

She slept without a care.

The slow rhythm of a tired heart.
Gracing the good and the bad
She was a warrior in her own right

wispy whites of hair

now sprawl the pillows

in a silken mass


a great grandmother

an even greater and a grander life

She trod down the path of life with aplomb

She was a queen, married to a Raju

an ordinary life

an extraordinary person


She leaves in her wake

her spirit

of love,unity and celebration

with daughters the responsibility of sons

with sons the responsibility of

balancing relationships


to grandchildren

She gives her strength

for us to imbibe

to continue the bonds

of blood and relation


to great-grand children

She passes on the legacy

of a wealth of emotion


She now lies in a quiet slumber.

Silently teaching us the way of life.
Love you, bamma. 


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