Cyndane (Last chance)

When Rand Al Thor has to decide if Cyndane (the meaning of which speaks volumes, of course) is worthy of redemption, he tests her, he asks her if she can show her mind to him. You see, early on in his (past incarnation) life as Lews Therin, he falls in love with Lanfear (Cyndane’s past incarnation). He soon realises that the only thing Lanfear (Daughter of the Night) truly loves is power. She has an insatiable lust for power. And this lust makes her betray her own kind (Aes Sedai). She is one of the first batch of people who swears to do the Dark Lord’s bidding and be his faithful servant, for eternity, (jay immortality, oh the benefits of being in the dark). She is also one of the few who in thirst for power drill a (metaphysical) hole in the pattern and Dark Lord’s prison in the first place. 

You must remember that Cyndane isn’t faithful to anyone. Not even the Dark Lord. When Rand rejects her, she goes to Perrin (Rand’s best friend) in hopes of bringing down Rand. But Perrin loves his wife, and therefore her magic doesn’t work on him. And so in Tel’aran’rhiod, Rand asks if she can show her mind to him, there by proving sincerity of her feelings. Does Cyndane do that? Of course not! She is a master manipulator, but she forgets that Rand is Tam’s son (more grounded) and that he has also integrated Lews’s memories by now. Not so easily seduced as Rand, nor overcome by arrogance like Lews, this combination of Rand Lews knows what Cyndane is capable of. When she refuses to open up her mind to him (does not come as a surprise to him), he shows his mind to her. He shows how much he loved his wife when he was Lews, and how much he loves Elayne, Aviendha, and Min now, and finally, what he feels for her.  There is room for only one emotion. Pity.

Imagine how hard that would have hurt Cyndane’s ego? 

What makes fantasy fiction so believable is the depth of emotion felt by each character. So real life like. You might meet people like Cyndane, who move through life without ever experiencing true love, for them their material possessions are more important. They have the evil ability to deceive those who love them and have no concept of loyalty. They gravitate towards those that hold more power. Status, assets, power mean much more to them, than loyalty and love. On the brighter side, you might also meet people like Rand, Perrin, or Matt, who will prove to you that friends can be as faithful as those tied to us by blood. 

If there is a Cyndane in your life, what would you do? You can’t ask to see inside their mind, but how would you tackle it? As someone who loves Dumbledore (flaws and all), I am a big fan of second chances. I think a person is capable of more than one transformation in life, whether for good or bad, is ultimately their call. But nothing is above your own peace of mind. Not to mention, some people cannot love anyone but themselves, not for their life. 

Like the wheel of fortune that turns this way one day, the other the next, we can never predict whom we are destined to meet. All we can do is hope that when we meet the Cyndanes of our lives, we also have our Rands and Perrins to cushion our (metaphorical) fall. 


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