Quarter life milestone: turning 25, & LDR

Birthday is just like any other day, so a lot of people would say. But you know, birthday is the day that really isn’t about you, it is about those people who wait up till midnight to wish you before they sleep. It is about your family that goes the extra mile to buy/make something for you. It is about their affection. It is about those people who think you matter to them. And isn’t life really about companionship of various kinds? 

Okay, fine, so it is about you too (insert huge grin). I don’t understand why people think it’s just like any other day. I am sure they only say that to sound cool. And as far as ageing goes, so what? Every year brings you closer to learning life lessons. I still love my birthday. 

Almost as if on cue, my current favourite (has been for a year and a half) Lana Del Rey released her awesome ‘High by the Beach’ on August 10, sort of an early present, and on my birthday she announced when her album would release (September 8). Ya know, when you want to listen to something controversial and foot-tapping, you really need to listen to LDR. I LOVE that she is so unapologetic. She loves the typical Gangstah bad boy, but he just ain’t a man. BURN! It’s the last stanza of the song that I love. 

Everyone can start again

Not through love but through revenge

Through the fire, we’re born again

Peace by vengeance

Brings the end.

And she happily shoots a helicopter into the sea. How’s that for revenge, baby? Vengeance is best served cold! I have learnt to expect the unexpected from LDR. I know she is an artist who doesn’t play by the rules. She sings, wails often too, but what can I say! I love me some drama. She is the Queen, really, of music dark and haunting. I have been listening to this on repeat and right now my phone is on the verge of getting switched off. I drained most of my battery listening to this song On Repeat. LDR experiments, and it works for most of her fans. 

I wouldn’t really recommend peace by vengeance, although I do know people who would do that. I wouldn’t recommend, even at gun point, to be reborn with the heat of hate. Unfortunately, insecurity makes you do all kinds of things. The Cyndane (please read my last post for more context) types do it all the time. But you and I aren’t the Cyndane type, are we? 

Anyhoo. Right now, all I wanna do is get high by the beach. Literally. I get high on sugar, chocolates (more bitter the better), LDR, and the salty air. Aaah! Although LDR wouldn’t mind her some dope and diamonds. 


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