Organic; Provocative Woman

I told you that I was trying to be all organic. I gave up on body washes (excruciatingly difficult as it was). I am using soap nut for everything. Hair, body, clothes. It’s cheap. It’s environment friendly, very. It’s good for hair, and skin. Apparently, some people are allergic to it and develop welts. But I always end up with smooth, shimmering, golden tinted skin. The best part about it is that the tan is slowly receding, and the silver anklets I have taken to (due to body heat) love it as well.

I love essential oils. You name it and I have it. I love lavender, Rosemary, and peppermint. Peppermint is for when you are tired after a loooooong day, and you want to unwind. Lavender, for, well, when you are not planning to go out in the sun soon after. Rosemary, for hair loss. I have collected quite a few oils. Again, organic and environment friendly.

I love perfumes, and I want to give up on them as well. But till I learn how to make one, I can’t help but keep the ones I have. I really do love my little collection of Calvin Klein (the first adult scent I bought), Elizabeth Arden (Provocative woman), Versace, Dior (pure parfumerie). Dior’s little bottle is the most exquisitely designed vial I have ever seen. But if there is a perfume that I could never be convinced to let go off, it would be Provocative woman. It smells absolutely delicious. And so very subtle. Little whiffs here and there but never over the top, hidden, and therefore so provocative.

I think I am having the most heavenly bodily experience, given my regimen.

What keeps me mentally fit is the huge amounts of literature I am pouring over for my doctoral proposal. I love reading, but sometimes, when you have to do it because you have to do it, it loses its charm. Therefore the most important lesson I have learnt is to alternate reading with other things I love. I can’t afford to lose interest in reading at this point of time. So I alternate reading with making Terracotta jewellery, homemade shampoos and conditioners, concocting moisturisers that work on my mom’s super dry, scaly skin, going out with friends. And most importantly, taking care of myself, because that sends a signal to my body and the universe that I respect and love myself. Of the very many lessons I learnt, this has been the most important.

Loving yourself and positive affirmations can do wonders.


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