When is it Rape? 

You thought rape is

Unlawful sexual penetration of the vagina, anus, or mouth of another person, with or without force, by a sex organ, other body part, or foreign object, without the consent of the aforementioned person (dictionary.com)

You thought wrong. 

Rape, according to the great ministers of India, has a new standard in our mahan country. Unless raped by 5-6 men and unless coconut oil bottles and (not or) iron rods are used (in short multiple foreign objects), it isn’t rape. And gang rape has to involve, maybe a dozen guys? If the girl hasn’t visited the valley of death, then there is no need to punish anyone either, because? Well, it isn’t rape if one doesn’t die protecting her/his ‘izzat’.

And it can’t be rape, of course, if the girl was inappropriately dressed, cuz. You know. I don’t have to tell you. She was begging for it.

It isn’t rape if the rapist is a boy. Remember that other minister who said ‘boys will be boys. It was just a joke.’ Girls are mistaken. They don’t know it is a joke. I mean, really, girls were never the ones with a sense of humour.

Meanwhile, you ask about implementing Justice Verma committee report (one of AAP’s promises)? What report is that? 


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