Article 19 (2)

Let me state the obvious. I was on a study break. What is a study break, in this context? I stopped blogging so I could focus all my energies else where (studying/reading). Quite unlike my very modest professors, I found myself showing off and writing about all these words (buzzwords in my field, but of no particular interest to an outsider. When I say outsider I mean, either a non academic or an academic working outside of the social sciences). So I decided, I would blog after a break. 

I had my proposal presentation and halath kharab tha, I swear! 

The presentation, I am done with. But my written work still needs a lot of grounding and tweaking. I got caught up in the details of it. Anywho. Moving on. 

I just heard that key players working in respect with Indo-Pak relations have met and Sushma Swaraj leaves for the HOPE meeting today. And the media knew only the last bit. Haha! Modi Saab is very clever. Imagine how disappointed the news channels must have been. Such important meetings and the media outlets totally unaware. 

I also teach mass communication/Journalism to a couple of students at the DEI (Dayalbagh Educational Institute- deemed university)  Distance mode center. These students are, I am guessing, in the age group of  50- 70. They are the most amazing batch. They all read newspapers and have such passion for the subject, they want to discuss and debate. So, each time I read an article that is particularly well written or of interest, I think of them. This is one such. 

What can journalists do when leaders do not let information known, information that is not under the domain of article 19 (2)?


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