The night life

I don’t mean clubs. I don’t mean the mainstream night life that Delhi or Bangalore boast of. I mean the simple pleasures of sitting on your patio and listening to the sweet gale, or dogs barking two streets away. It’s a beautiful time, the night. Some of my best work is done at night. And why not? It’s all quiet and wonderously magical. It’s almost as though the occult forces at work (or not) are revealing their secrets to you.

A time for contemplation. To think of a day that could have been so many things. Productive, creative, satisfactory, just gone by. A time for nostalgia and innocent romance between the trees and air. Night is the nature’s way of telling us, “when all else sleeps, I work my magic.”

Aren’t fairies, elves, genies more protected at nights? Clothed in shadows, hidden by darkness, their light shining a thousand times brighter? It is indeed fitting that in folklore, owls, the (in)famous creatures of the night, are associated with communication with forces beyond. Have you ever seen owls? Those sharp, focused eyes, with its neck having more flexibility than any others species. 

It would perhaps be interesting to see why owls have made a comeback in the fashion industry. Three years ago, that’s all anyone would wear. Owl ear rings, necklace, tees. 

I have a vested interest in popular culture, folklore, and fashion. I am lucky to be studying a (inter?) discipline (ary) like mass communication that ties all these different interests of mine.

Till next time. 


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