Parents’ School of Drama & Dialogue

You know how your mother tends to utter dramatic dialogues that more or less are the same as the ones your friend complains about his/her mother?

Like “would you jump off the terrace just because your friend does it?” 


“They are not my children, I don’t care what they do or don’t. But you are my child.”

And fathers too behave in more or less, a similar fashion. 

I don’t know how my friends, who are parents, parent. But I know for a fact that, my parents and parents that belong to their generation, behave in a similar manner. For instance, fathers are this do-I-exist-or-do-I-not as a substantial (in a non-economic way) figure till mothers evoke their name to try instil some fear in unruly kids. The father figure is evoked to discipline and thus mothers participate in creating this illusionary hierarchy. I say illusionary because once you are of an age where you can understand how parenting works, you will realise that most fathers have no freaking idea what their kids are about. Mothers take the brunt of parenting, donning the role of a friend, mother, sometimes father, teacher, guide, confidante to their child. All this, apart from contributing to the labour market and familial economy. Dads, for most part, are more laid back and almost always consult the mothers when children ask for permission to attend a party/vacation/late night show/sleepovers. 

I have always wondered if parents attend some sort of school.. Like finishing school to learn these behaviours and dialogues. I mean, they all seem to say similar things, given that colloquial and dialectical differences will always exist, and act in a similar fashion.

We all tend to become our parents at some point or the other. But if I ever have children, I swear to break the illusionary hierarchy that begins with the father at the head of the pyramid to break ther patriarchal set up. Parenting is a joint responsibility. Pregnancy is, so far, a woman’s boon (or bane, depends I guess?)  but parenting is not a woman’s lone responsibility. 

As far as the dialogues go, some of them seem fun. 

Do you know any such dialogues that your mother and your friends’ mothers also use?


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