No one’s got it all

It so happens and very often at that, that you see someone who seemingly has everything together. They have got it all. Is it possible? Can anyone have it all? Family, friends, health, education, self esteem, confidence, body shape, career, wealth… All of these? Deepika Padukone suffered from depression even while the industry declared her to be the number 1 actress. 

I see my colleagues at the university, some of them who do extremely well. They can multitask and I admire them. It is amazing how they do all the work despite missing their families and friends terribly. My professors seem to have everything right in their lives too. I know I am working to have it all. But can people have it all? 

I will be honest. My list above didn’t start with family and friends at the top. My list started with health, that is my supreme concern at the moment, and the rest really matters when you are just starting out professionally. 

I have no concern about having a good family, no, don’t get me wrong. By God’s Grace that part has been taken care of. I have an extremely understanding family that has never stopped me from doing what I have wanted to. I don’t care for making new friends now. It feels like it doesn’t matter anymore. I text them when I am bored, they do the same. I have a few friends who will drop anything if I ever need them, and I will gladly do the same. 

But what are we all running after though? We all share that in common. The question that haunts us all.. Why this mad race? Where to? 

No one’s got it all! 
*the title alludes to Regina Spektor’s song (one of my personal favourites).


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