UR: my Guide 

So I might go to Leicester. I am not sure. But, I might. If the paper is done. If I get the scholarship. There are a lot of ifs. I might go even if I don’t get scholarship. But, then again, so many ifs.

I got my JRF, by the way. JRF is Junior Research Fellowship. I might get money retrospectively which means I will get S (Senior) RF now. But I won’t believe I qualified for JRF till I get the certificate home. I have become a little pessimistic like that. I still continue to think it is an exam based more on luck than real effort.

So anywho, I keep wondering when I will finally feel, “ok this is me, I don’t need to prove myself to anyone. I am not just my accomplishments”. UR said that would happen when I turn 35. I don’t know what that calculation is based on, but I trust her. She knows what she’s talking about. You meet some people at a specific points of time to learn what they have to teach. UR is the best role model and supervisor a PhD student could ask for. She is the most gentlest of souls that I have ever met. If I could only be half the human being she is… 


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