Happy Earth Day 

So, since today is Earth Day, I thought I would post about my little garden. I grew some plants (100% organic) on the terrace. I make my own pesticide (hello, essential oils) and fertiliser (compost bin is a very good idea). 

  This is Cucumber. This photograph was taken a couple of weeks ago. It’s growing beautifully. Although some leaves are turning yellow now. I read that magnesium deficiency can do that, so I started drying  banana peels instead of putting it in the compost bin. I will powder it and mix with water. Hopefully, it will work? I am all ears to more suggestions or diagnosis. 

 Purslane seeds. I just waited for the flowers to be pollinated. They burst open when they are ready (it’s all brown), but sometimes I hasten the process by lightly pressing on the cap myself 😋. I have such cute little purslane seedlings now. Did you know that Purslane leaves are shiny and glossy and have purplish pink border? They are a sight took at! 
 Papaya seedlings. They are so little. I don’t have the heart to snip the weak ones off, and I never in my wildest dreams expected all the seeds to germinate. So, one pot, but, around 5 seedlings.. 😕
These is a carrot umbel. It’s the most delicious smelling flower, ever. I put carrot tops that were yellowing in a pot, I didn’t know what to expect. Carrots are bineal plants, in their second year, they grow long shoots with flowers. When pollinated, they turn into seeds, of course. All I did was to wait for them to become brown. A spider attacked the plant, and one of the shoots turned brown. I thought spiders were garden friendly, like garden bugs. Was this a spider mite, then? Do they also spin webs? I have no idea about this. 
I have more photos, of course, but not all in one day, not all in one post. Next up: watermelon, mint, Amarnath, Basil, Lime (that has since died 😢) plants. 


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