MensXP’s writer rants about Kangana 

Every week I see Indian men trying very hard to defend the non defendable. I do not like reading Bollywood gossip, page 3 crap. But unless you have been hiding in a cave, you’d know Kangana Ranaut has been called a witch, and painted as someone with a mental disorder. In all of this she has held her head high and God, has she carried herself with grace! But you see, when a woman earns a place for herself in a patriarchal, largely misogynistic society, there are men who will quickly point out that gender has nothing to do with discrimination or horrible allegations. It is easy to say KR is mentally deranged, after all, women are emotional beings who get emotional and lose their heads and then go into a big dark hole. Hey, have you heard that women are emotional beings? 

But it has nothing to do with gender.

KR understood that Barkha Dutt was calling Suman’s allegation gross (he said she mixed her period blood in the food that was served to his son, her ex boyfriend in order to bewitch him). Dutt called the comment gross. But, just to make sure that idiots do not misconstrue Dutt’s statement, KR made it a point to explicitly state that period blood is not gross. In a country where there are 101 taboos about mentruating women and period blood, and in a world where menstruating women were once considered to have had horrible, evil magical powers, this writer shows his ignorance, appalled as I am at such ignorance, that a person does not know the context in which KR said period blood was not gross. I mean after the huge uproar the blood stained bed sheet on Insta caused, you’d think the writer would put two and two together, right? But, no. He is an ignoramus. I have made my peace with it.

But what I find even more difficult to understand is how this writer thinks KR misused feminism, or that not everything is to do with feminism. Have you done a phd in feminism? Have you even read a single material published on feminism? Or have you very conveniently, and selectively read MRAs literature on feminists, oops sorry, feminazis? The very fact that she was accused of mental illness is an attempt to undermine her intelligence and portray her as some kind of an emotional fool. 

Of course this has to do with gender. 

I don’t understand why men get butt hurt over feminists’s opinions and literature. Everything isn’t about feminism? Why? Because you cannot bear to look at the horrible patriarchal set up we live in or because you fear your benefits from the system will cease to exist? Who are you to decide what is or isn’t about feminism? The fact that she is on tv, voicing her opinion is an achievement. We owe all our rights and freedom to feminists of 60s, 70s, and 80s. If she says she is a feminist, she is one. We don’t really think of her a role model, although she can be a role model for the likes of you, try matching her intelligence for once, please? Everything might not be about feminism, but if someone thinks it is, it damn well is. She is no Emma Watson, Malala, blah blah, great! It is obvious she isn’t all of them. Have you entirely lost it? She is KR, and I am sure she is happy with being herself. We don’t want to be like someone else, we want to be us. All of us. That’s feminism. Being who you want to be and not be pressurised into being someone or something because the society thinks you ought to be it. Next time you rant and cry about engineering and how you didn’t want to be one, remember feminism. And boy, could you please read up on feminism before showing your ignorance proudly on MensXP? I think my brain shrunk from all that junk. 

Everyday I wish people would stop saying there is no gender or caste discrimination. Or that things are not even more worse for people who are women and also Dalits. I cannot even begin to imagine the kind of discrimation they face. 
*i don’t read MensXP. It’s stupid. But a friend shared it and she also cried about how KR is misusing feminism. Sigh. Ads appropriate feminism, accepted. But how is KR appropriating feminism? 

** There is no link to the brainless MensXP crap they put out as an intelligent article because it doesn’t deserve anymore clicks. 

*** if KR has indeed been made a fool of, I still have a problem with bringing in mental illness to make that point. 

Sorry about the horrible illustration (not one of my very many talents 😛). But I couldn’t resist it. #patriarchallogic 




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