Wild Ideas

So I have had a fantastic month, I hope you guys have had a good time as well.

My efforts to be environmentally conscious have led me to use Herbal hair wash powders, body powders, and of course growing plants. Gardening, especially, has helped me blow off steam. Growing lemongrass is rewarding, it helps with stress. I have experienced this, there is some magic in its light tangy, citrusy fragrance. 

But this post is about my new herbal wash powder. Years ago, my mother would wash my hair with this soapnut powder (with some other herbal ingredients) named Raaga, by Nature Care. With liberalisation and entry of foreign brands into our market, NC sold its company, although in a later interview, the man behind the product (cant recollect his name) said that if he had only borne losses for a few years, they could have jumped right back into competition, he is right, it was I think in mid 2000s that (some) Indians felt disillusioned and put off by those shiny/glossy branded shampoos. Most craved SLS/Paraben free shampoos, a rage that started in the West, as usual. Had Raaga still been in production, I don’t think I would have made the transition to sunsilks or head n shoulders. 

Anyway, I watched their ad on YouTube a few days ago. Many a Sunday mornings were spent admiring the beautiful purple box it came in. Yes, purple, those guys were hip even back then. My shower would smell of soapnut, shikakai, vetiver for a couple hours. Aah! 

After a lot of search, including Meera powder and my concoction of different herb powders from Munnalal Dawasaz, I finally found the product. Wild ideas herbal hair wash powder. The smell isn’t as strong as Raaga’s but close. And my hair fall has reduced, I think. The label on it reads that it is made by disadvantaged rural women in Tamil Nadu. The feminist in me rejoiced at that, before I realised, capitalism can play all sorts of tricks on you. Anyway, here’s a picture, in case you ever want to try it. The traditional oil bath powder is Rs.100, and the daily hair wash powder, Rs. 80. I am not sure if that’s expensive, considering the money I spent on my hair and also the kind of packaging it comes in, not to mention the invaluable trip down the memory lane every time I uncap it. 



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