People with stories

I booked a share cab on Ola.

Usually, I do not have company. I almost always travel alone. The last time I booked a share cab though, I met this beautiful (inside and outside) woman named Anita. She is about the same age as I am, and she told me about her life. She fell in love with a man who is paraplegic (he lost lower body control due to a freaky accident). More often than not, when you deliver such news to your family, you are accused of being “trapped”. Especially if you are a girl.

Girls are unsuspecting sitting ducks, who are vulnerable, emotional, begging to be trapped by evil, scheming men, especially if they don’t belong to your caste or religion, then they definitely trapped you. I mean why else would they fall in love with you? It’s not like love just happens you know? Ok, yeah, you can choose to love or not love, but come on who plans on falling in love with a man the society labels as undesirable? Men who do not belong to your religion, caste, complexion, physical condition, they are all undesirable. Screw love thy neighbor and all that about Indian culture being the best, we are still stupid people who build walls wherever and whenever.

So anyway, her parents too think she was trapped. Both are Christians, by the way, but who saidIndian parents   like it when their daughters choose their husbands! I have a friend who fell in love with a boy of her own caste, and still her parents took a whole year to agree to their marriage. I told her, just go tell them you could have done worse. I mean imagine if the guy were a Muslim. Nothing is more blasphemous than being a victim of “Love Jihad”. Who the hell comes up with these terms man? Who has the time to plan on trapping girls. No I don’t get this trapping thing at all. If choosing your partner is a trap, then arranged marriage is an even bigger trap.


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