Gardening, like poetry, as I am discovering to my extreme pleasure, is therapeutic. So here are some pictures from my roof garden.

Oh also, I just read this on a fellow gardener’s blog: as the garden grows, so does the gardener. I think it’s true. There’s no greater pleasure than seeing a tiny shoot rising up from a seed. And I also feel as though new plants (seedlings) smell like infants. In India, babies are not given a proper bath (they are only wiped with a damp cloth) for 11 days I think (not too sure). I am not very crazy about the smell, but, I think all new life smells alike. Just goes to show how we are all connected.

So here are some pictures from my garden. #yesfilter only because I didn’t want the wall to look that ugly.

3 cucumbers


Tomatoes from my garden.

I didn’t do anything for these to sprout. I left them exposed to rain on the parapet wall, and guess what, that’s all it took for these little things to shoot up. The first time I spotted them, those shoots gave me quite a scare, I didn’t know what was sticking out! Anywho, so yes, I love gardening.


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