Organic living 

A post, yet again, on organic living. My dear cucumber plant gave me one cucumber, perfectly round and yellow (orange on the top), it looked yummy. How do you know your cucumber is ready for harvesting? Touch it, you will know. Yes. Just like that. When it’s too young to be plucked, cucumber feels like a baby’s head. Soft, tender, and just a wee bit hairy. You will feel like stroking it, like you would, your baby. And sometime even crooning how much you love it. Or maybe it’s just me going totes cray. But I fell in love with my baby. By the time it is ready for harvest, it is fully yellow and hard. When it’s hard is when you know you can pluck it (although there’s no guarantee you will want to pluck it even then, it looks perfect on the plant). 
Stage 1: my little baby

Stage 2: Soft and 


Stage 3: 


Also, I finally perfected the recipe for my hair powder. I bought various powders, like Areetha, Vetiver, lemon etc. This is me mixing it. I enjoyed the process. Hopefully, my hair will appreciate the effort I put in by hanging gloriously down my shoulders (😛).   



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