Dell xps 13 Kaby Lake

As promised, my review.

I am not going into a detailed review of the specs. To keep things short, it’s FHD matte 13.3, 8GB RAM, 256 GB storage unit in rose gold chassis. Please read more from mobile tech review if you need to know how the system works  and specs in terms of RGB, scaling etc. I am here only for the end user, no idea about warm cool colours, sort of a review.

The key travel is normal by today’s standards, doesn’t feel short, as if it’s keys are sinking into the system. It’s nice. Sometimes, I seem to miss hitting the keys properly, maybe because I am used to the old keyboards, with more travel and are also slightly bigger. This is not to say, things are cramped here, but you do need to get used to it if you are coming from using laptops from a couple of years ago. 

Battery is what am used to, in fact, a little better than I am used to. On any given day I get about 8-10 hours, maybe more, but I don’t do anything intense on it (neither is it really equipped to run AUTOCAD or editing), but the standard word, excel sort of a thing. It’s really my PhD laptop, so I don’t even watch too many videos. It’s all work, work, work.

It’s not LIGHT, but it is light, again, I come from a really old generation of laptops. It takes about 15 seconds to boot. Sometimes, Word crashes. I haven’t able to figure out why yet, but the Dell Cares Pro has suggested something that I need to try out. 

The precision trackpad (and multiple gestures) is amazing! Not like my old Dell where cursor jumped with no prompt from me, or worse, would not work at all. I did have a ratting problem with it, that has since been attended to by a dell technician. Please contact Dell Cares Pro and not Dell Cares on Twitter, because the latter will tell you it was designed to rattle. Needless to say, it wasn’t. If this is what you are facing, return the system or get it looked at. Mine does not rattle anymore, and all it took was for a technician to tighten things up. I wouldn’t suggest anyone to do it on their own. The dell guy needed three different types of screw drivers to open the unit. Things are real compact, inside. 

It does not heat much, it might, just a very little, while charging. 

My only problem is with the internet. The killer card does not do any wonders for me. The first day I used, oh my God! It took ten minutes for it to load Gmail. So I updated my BIOS and wifi drivers. Just as a very interesting aside, I expected better quality control from Dell. Trackpad aside, they could have shipped my system with updated BIOS, which was released on November 29, I think. My system was not one of those ready to be shipped ones,so I thought they would give me updated everything. Also, things seem to work better, internet wise, with system updates, and especially when plugged in. 

Watching anything on YouTube is a pain in the ass, therefore. All other devices work well. But the laptop, oh my God. Also one of the reasons why I don’t feel like watching anything on it despite it having the famous infinity display. 

But do I like my laptop? Yes. I don’t have big problems per se, and I did spend a little too much on it to not like it. 

Would I recommend this to anyone? 

Actually, yes. I love the laptop because of how it looks and weighs. It’s sleek and so well designed. I get so much done on it, work wise. It’s my constant companion. And somehow, not being able to watch movies on it because of the internet seems to have increased my productivity. 
Also, you get about 232 GB of storage of which about 200 is left after all the updates. That’s all for now. I will add if I see or do something on it that makes me really happy or is of concern.
EDIT: too many problems with the machine. Do not buy this. Not worth your time or investment. 
Edit 2 (27 July 2017): after having spent so many moths with the machine, I quite like it. I would recommend people to buy it but not before you weigh your other options. Mobile tech review is my go to YouTube channel, Lisa does amazing work, you can’t go wrong with her advice. Dell services are exceptional, I love their support team. They also send you updates, bug fixes, and patches from time to time. I had to download audio drivers separately after 3 months (yes it took me that long to notice headphones wouldn’t work.

EDIT: I have been seeing an unusual traffic to this blog post, it is only fair that I update this post. I have spent a good ten months with this laptop so I guess, the machine isn’t bad. It does what it needs to do. Lately, I have been having some problems with blue screen. The internet drivers were updated, patches sent and downloaded, it seems to be working a little better now (this is more applicable to Indians because we face internet issues).
Thank you for reading!


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