Kiss/hug and run

Where do people get ideas of fun from? What’s viral in India is a guy kissing/hugging women and running away. It’s a prank, apparently. Other popular videos seem to be those where young boys scare women into thinking they are going to touch them. But they don’t. Hahahaha. Such jokes. Much wow,right? 


Where do boys get these ideas from? How is trying to scare women into thinking you are going touch them inappropriately, funny? This has happened to me a couple of times. It seems, the idea of me finding it uncomfortable and also get a little scared is funny. How’s it funny? Someone, please explain? I find it very inhuman for anyone to find satisfaction, humour, happiness in such things. It isn’t funny, except for those who might as well be perpetrators of everything that’s unholy about this society. And no, I am not going to say what if it is your mother or sister. Every human or creature is to respected for themselves. I wonder where we go wrong, so much so,that even young boys think it’s funny for them to use their ‘power‘ to make women cringe and cower. 

There is a dire need for masculinity studies. If only governments of states realised how important it is to understand how boys are socialised, funding for such studies would be more. We need to find a way to socialise them into not buying ideals of hegemonic masculinity. We need more people to understand why teenage boys need to display their ‘power’ in the name of fun and pranks. And the onus squarely lies on us. All of us. If we were to be more aware of passing on our prejudices and sexist ideas and refrained from doing so? For instance, I saw this woman in Numaish who was scolding her boy for playing with toys. Apparently, it’s ‘girly’. Shame on her and everyone else with such a mindset. You are probably that sort of a parent who thinks your boy is a hero because he dates, but his girlfriend is characterless because she dates. You are the sort of parent who thinks you have done some kind of a wonder by giving birth to a boy. You are the kind of parent whose boys go playing ‘pranks‘ on unsuspecting people in the name of fun. 


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