Oh feminists, #Notallmen

Oh those white shirts and skirts

Oh those dreadful Saturdays

Oh those cursed white uniforms

The red blood stain for everyone to see

The ‘shame’ for us to bear


Oh, those cursed see through white shirts

Those bloody white uniforms

That must be why we were molested

The shame, yet again,

for us to bear.


Break the silence,

Name the perpetrator.


They said.

Oh those Feminists!


It’s not what you wear

It’s not how old or young you are

It’s not about being drunk

It’s not about loitering.

Or so they said, oh those feminists!


Fight for your voice

Fight for your space

Fight for all your years, new or old

You have agency.

Said, those feminists!


But what do feminists know?


Feminists said fight toxic masculinity

But what do they know



And why listen?

To women’s accounts?

When men do their




But who listens?

To women’s accounts

When #Somewomentoo

and #Whataboutmen

Trend on Social media


Why listen?

To women’s accounts,

Who dress, drink, and loiter

Why listen to young girls’ accounts?

Of the terror it is to wear white uniforms?


Why listen to mothers’accounts?

Of the terror they feel

When their daughters

Step out

Day or night.


Why listen?

To accounts Of single women

Who do not fall into

Categories of Ma and Behen

When your only response is predictable