My little garden 

Dear all,

Since it’s been a while, here are some pictures of my garden. I love the small roof garden I have. Although I am making use of only a quarter of the space available, I have a variety of plants growing. 3 eggplants, Mogra, chamberi, exotic creeper (I forget the name) one each, onions in a round pot, 4 hibiscus plants, potatoes in a pot, bitter gourd, ridge gourd, pole beans… I will share the ones that are available on my iPad. I will share some more soon, maybe once the onions are bigger and potatoe plants have grown in size… 

So enjoy! 😊 I know I enjoy my garden.. it teaches me life lessons I couldn’t have learnt elsewhere.. I think gardening should be made compulsory for all children..  they will get to know so much.

Also following my post on ‘Pruning negative thoughts’
I thought I would add a quote or story or simply a gardening tip from a fellow gardener I speak to or read about in newspapers or blogs or Facebook posts (don’t worry I will always cite the source, so you can always check them out if interested). If you want to be a part of this, please do email me at with the subject ‘Gardening tip’ and I will add your story or quote.

Gardening tip 1: drainage holes. A pot must have drainage holes, if you don’t have/want them, then make sure to add a thick layer of stones at the bottom (at least 2 inches). This will act as a drain layer that will keep your plant roots from rotting. One of my friends, a fellow urban gardener based in the US says, 

“I learned that if in closed vessels plant will drown and wilt also (much like people in suffocating relationship).. so always have holes in your pots” — Mersad (24 July 2017, Instagram exchange [he grows orchids and the one he shared on insta is the prettiest little thing I have ever seen! I couldn’t take my eyes off it]). 



Following are pictures from my roof garden 😊





Gardening, like poetry, as I am discovering to my extreme pleasure, is therapeutic. So here are some pictures from my roof garden.

Oh also, I just read this on a fellow gardener’s blog: as the garden grows, so does the gardener. I think it’s true. There’s no greater pleasure than seeing a tiny shoot rising up from a seed. And I also feel as though new plants (seedlings) smell like infants. In India, babies are not given a proper bath (they are only wiped with a damp cloth) for 11 days I think (not too sure). I am not very crazy about the smell, but, I think all new life smells alike. Just goes to show how we are all connected.

So here are some pictures from my garden. #yesfilter only because I didn’t want the wall to look that ugly.

3 cucumbers


Tomatoes from my garden.

I didn’t do anything for these to sprout. I left them exposed to rain on the parapet wall, and guess what, that’s all it took for these little things to shoot up. The first time I spotted them, those shoots gave me quite a scare, I didn’t know what was sticking out! Anywho, so yes, I love gardening.